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Why Did We Create a Wisconsin Bourbon?

One thing customers and visitors to the Henry Family Farm often ask is: where did we get the idea to launch our own premium Wisconsin bourbon?

We’ll be the first to admit, it’s not an entirely conventional choice. At the same time, it’s turned out wonderfully—both for us and for the individuals who have come to love our distinct brand of bourbon. To tell our story in a nutshell, here are a few things you should know…

J. Henry & Sons Wisconsin Straight Bourbon is a Labor of Love

It all began when we took a trip to the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky. Being longtime bourbon aficionados, we wanted to see for ourselves where our favorite drinks were made and distilled. What we realized, though, was that the main ingredients—like corn, rye, and wheat—were similar to what we had on our own family farm.

From that realization came a dream. We began to wonder what it would take to develop our own bourbon. Could we really make a whiskey that had a distinctive flavor, but was still smooth enough to stand up to a bourbon from Kentucky?

We Didn’t Rush the Process

We knew from experience that our homegrown red corn, wheat, and rye were unlike any that had been used to make bourbon in the past. In fact, because we use unique strains, you can’t find our ingredients anywhere other than our farm. So, we started to experiment with a recipe, taking one step at a time to refine the taste, color, and feel of our new Wisconsin bourbon.

We were determined to make a great bourbon, rather than build a business quickly. That’s why we have taken our time to ensure the smoothest possible taste and the best possible product. It’s why we harvest our red corn last, letting it develop rich color in the autumn sun. And, it’s why we age every batch for a minimum of five years in new, charred oak barrels inside a converted dairy barn, letting them expand and contract with the changing seasons.

Our Goal is to Produce a World-Class Bourbon Here in Wisconsin

When we first dreamed up the idea of J. Henry & Sons Wisconsin Straight Bourbon, producing a premium whiskey in the Midwest seemed far-fetched. By focusing on quality, and taking the process one step at a time, we have been able to develop an award-winning drink with a flavor like no other.

It’s one thing to read about our story, and another thing altogether to see our family farm and have a sip of J. Henry & Sons bourbon for yourself. Why not visit us in Dane, Wisconsin, for a tour and tasting?

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