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What’s So Special about a Craft Bourbon?

In recent months, we have shared our thoughts about what exactly makes a craft bourbon, and how to distinguish one brand or bottle from the next. One thing we haven’t shared yet, however, is what exactly it is that we think makes any good craft bourbon so special.

You could probably come up with dozens or hundreds of different answers, and different bourbon aficionados will all have their own ideas. But, our love for producing and trying craft bourbons really comes down to four distinct ideas…

Craft Bourbons Draw on an Old Tradition

Few things in our modern world are made by committed artisans in small batches anymore. While having thousands of mass-produced products available at our fingertips is a wonderful thing, it’s natural to crave something unique and handmade once in a while. J. Henry & Sons Wisconsin bourbon was created after a wonderful trip to Kentucky. Along with producing a great drink, we take a lot of pride in keeping the tradition of quality bourbon alive.

Craft Bourbons are about Taste, Patience, and Innovation

Bigger whiskey producers have to worry about pleasing board members and shareholders. They work on volume, and have to pay very close attention to the bottom line. Because our straight bourbon comes from a family farm, we are more free to experiment and savor the journey without having to obsess about profits. That gives us a certain amount of freedom. A drink like ours is all about taste, patience, and innovation, not financial reports.

Every Bourbon and Barrel are Different

When you open a bottle of bourbon from a major distiller, you know exactly what you’re going to get every time. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, because we grow our own red corn and other ingredients right here in Wisconsin, and then age them for at least five years in charred oak barrels, variations in rain, sun, and temperature affect every batch. That means you can taste everything that went into your drink when you try it, and every barrel of bourbon from our family farm is going to be just a little bit different.

Craft Bourbons are Meant to be Savored

When you put these factors together, it’s easy to understand that craft bourbons are made differently so they can be enjoyed differently. Because we take our time growing the ingredients and producing them, we want you to savor every step. Our Wisconsin craft bourbon is like none other, and we want the experience of tasting it to be unique and satisfying.

Whether you are someone who has loved craft bourbons for years, or you just like trying new and different things, we encourage you to check out a bottle of J. Henry & Sons Straight Bourbon today. You can visit our vendors page to find the nearest Wisconsin retailer who carries it. And when you do, don’t forget to reach us on Facebook and let us know what you think!

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