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What Some Bourbon Makers Don’t Want You to Know

J_Henry_Bourbon_awardOne of the best things about being someone who loves bourbon is that there are often new and interesting choices to consider. In fact, J. Henry & Sons is a perfect case in point—how many people ever envisioned there would be an award-winning Wisconsin bourbon available for sale? Some of those awards include a Gold Medal for The Fifty Best—Best Bourbon for our 92-proof bourbon and a Gold Medal from the American Distilling Institute for our cask strength Patton Road Reserve. We’ve even earned a Four Star, Highly Recommended rating from Paul Pacult stating, “Classy, elegant, focused and toasty” in his review.

The downside to having so many new distilleries, however, is that it can often be difficult to separate the best from the rest. With so many companies marketing whiskey with creative labels, hype-based advertising, and even artificial colors or flavors, you can’t always trust that what you’re buying will live up to the promise. Some bourbons just aren’t as smooth or satisfying as others.

However, you can find a great bottle of bourbon at a great price if you study the right clues. It’s all about knowing what to look for. Here are a few things some bourbon makers don’t want you to know or think about…

Using the Right Ingredients Makes a Huge Difference

If you want to make a premium bourbon, you have to start with premium ingredients. We know just how important that is, because we begin every batch by using red corn, rye and wheat that have been grown right outside our windows on our family farm. Because we want to produce the best-tasting Wisconsin bourbon, we begin with fresh ingredients no other distillery has access to.

A Good Bourbon Needs to Age the Right Way

No matter how great your ingredients are, though, a great bourbon has to be properly aged. We let every batch develop its distinctive smooth, smoky taste by letting it sit in charred oak barrels that feel the highs and lows of Wisconsin’s climate for at least five years. During that time, the different elements settle together, producing a bourbon that is free from the sharp aftertaste you get from so many lesser brands.

Awards and Honors Really do Mean Something

We are extraordinarily proud that J. Henry & Sons Wisconsin Straight Bourbon has been recognized by bourbon aficionados and judges alike for our commitment to craftsmanship. It says something when the best in our field consider a sip of our whiskey to be worthy of ribbons and badges. While some distillers dismiss the importance of awards, we know how much work and passion go into producing a batch that stands above the rest.

When it comes to producing a smooth Wisconsin bourbon, it’s all about mixing the right ingredients and following a proven process. That might not be the fastest or cheapest way to make a whiskey, and it may not make for flashy advertising campaigns, but our customers seem to enjoy our authentic approach.

Value vs Price

When it comes to value, we like to remember what John Rushkin said: “There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man’s lawful prey.”

If you haven’t tried J. Henry & Sons Wisconsin Straight Bourbon, it’s time you got a taste for yourself. Visit our vendors page now to find restaurants and liquor stores in your area that carry our products.

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