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We are Thankful for you

Our family went on a work trip last week and were not able to send all our thanks to all of you our wonderful, adventurous, bourbon lovin customers. We visited family distillers in the Armagnac region of France and learned about mobile stills, Alembic stills, single distillation and blending of grapes and regions to create the most beautiful, flavorful products. We learned about the variation different grapes (or in our case grains) have on the blend and the significance of terrior that varied wildly within one district but had such an impact. It was wonderful and we are grateful for the opportunity to be together and to learn from other small, craft, family distillers. We returned to orders we are working hard to fill. We are selling out of products because of you and we are grateful for your continued support, your good taste and your desire to RewardYourself with us. Thank you all and thank you for each being a different expression of what we work hard to please – unique taste and discovery. Cheers!!


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