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More Ways to Enjoy J. Henry & Sons Bourbon

Although most whiskey lovers tend to enjoy J. Henry & Sons Straight Bourbon as a standalone beverage, you can mix it with other ingredients to form a unique and pleasant drink. In fact, if you’re not used to having bourbon on its own, or prefer a lower proof cocktail, there are a lot of ways you can bring out the complex variety of flavors in bourbon by combining it with complementary flavors.

Below, you’ll find a few quick suggestions for mixers to go with your favorite Wisconsin craft bourbon…

Grab Some Soda Or Juice

In our experience, the most common way to accentuate bourbon (or soften its strength) is to simply mix it with water or ice. The addition of even a few drops of water will ‘open the nose’ and enhance your bourbon enjoyment by reducing the proof and releasing the aromas.

Bourbon and water or soda (club soda or sparkling water) is a classic combination, although some customers prefer to blend in ginger ale, or lemon or lime sodas. Lemonade, fresh apple cider and many shrubs are also light and refreshing additions.

Obviously, any soda is going to make your bourbon sweeter, which can be pleasant if you’re looking for something different or serving guests at a cocktail party, but bourbon is naturally sweet on its own so go easy on the additions.

Mix Your Bourbon With Water Or Ice

If you’re simply looking to take the edge off of your bourbon, or are drinking slowly, mixing J. Henry & Sons with water is a good choice. Sparkling is also a good option. Just be sure you choose the purest source of drinking water you can find. Otherwise, residual tastes from the tap or bottle might cover up the flavor of your bourbon.

Besides the difference in sweetness, the benefit of using water instead of soda is that it’s easier to preserve the distinctive smoky, wood-infused flavor of our craft bourbon and to appreciate the natural sweetness from the corn mashbill.

Go High Class

There are lots of classic cocktails you can make with bourbon, but a Manhattan is probably the best-known. It’s a favorite for a reason—mix your bourbon with some sweet vermouth (and possibly some bitters and/or orange zest) and you have a drink that makes a big impression. Plus, who doesn’t love a classy, refreshing cocktail in a stemmed glass?

As with soda mixtures, turning your bourbon into a Manhattan (or another classic cocktail) can be a great way to give something extra to party guests or friends who aren’t used to whiskey but remember, this cocktail is all alcohol.

Try Something Different

As we noted in our recent post on bourbon as a cooking ingredient, there are lots of unusual flavors that work well with bourbon in the right context. You can make a great drink by blending J. Henry & Sons with coffee, chocolate, or even hot chocolate or ice cream.

These might not be conventional drink ideas, but that doesn’t mean they can’t taste great. Why not experiment and see if you can invent a new dessert or cocktail?

There are a lot of ways to enjoy J. Henry & Sons Straight Bourbon. While we still think it’s best on its own, we would love to know what you think. Feel free to share your favorite ideas or recipes with us on our Facebook page!

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