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The Secret Ingredient in a Wisconsin Bourbon

If you haven’t already tried a bottle of J. Henry & Sons Wisconsin Straight Bourbon, you might be wondering what separates a “Wisconsin bourbon” from any other bourbon. Although the main ingredients and distilling process are similar, we do have to admit that there is a secret ingredient we use: Wisconsin itself.

The fact that we handcraft our bourbon right here in the Badger State makes more of a difference than you might think. Here are just a few of the ways we use our local roots to produce a distinctly wonderful drink…

We Use Local Wisconsin Ingredients

Most of what you taste in a bottle of J. Henry & Sons Wisconsin Bourbon isn’t just local, it’s from a few select acres on our family farm. We’ve been growing a special strain of red corn, along with wheat, rye, and other ingredients since the 1940s. Because these ingredients aren’t available anywhere else—and can’t be used by other bourbon makers—every bottle or sip we produce is unique and special.

There certainly other bourbons made from fine ingredients, but no one else has the special ties to Wisconsin farming that we do.

We Make the Most of Our Climate

Our Midwestern climate means we get heat, moisture, and cold. In fact, we sometimes get each of these in the span of a few days.

That has a big effect on our homegrown ingredients, of course. In fact, the red corn we use for our Wisconsin bourbon is one of the last items we harvest in the autumn. That extra time gives it a chance to sweeten, darken, and develop its distinctive color and flavor.

And, even after we’ve distilled the ingredients together, we age every batch for a minimum of five years in new charred oak barrels. These barrels also feel the effects of the changing seasons and the Wisconsin weather. The resulting expansion and contraction means liquid is absorbed into the wood and then squeezed out several times before it ever makes its way into a bottle, infusing even more robust flavors into every glass.

We Bring a Mindset of Craftsmanship to Our Bourbon

Anyone who has lived in Wisconsin knows the people in our state work hard, and that we believe in the values of patience and craftsmanship. Those are the same values we’ve cultivated in our family, and our farm, for generations. Because we want to produce the finest bourbon we possibly can, we don’t rush the process, cut corners, or look for shortcuts to get it into bottles faster.

We want you to savor every sip of our drink, so we savor the process of putting together for you, combining the best in traditional bourbon-making techniques with new ideas and ingredients. That might not be the fastest way, but it’s how we have always worked.

The best way to get to know our Wisconsin bourbon is to try a bottle for yourself—or better yet, to visit our farm for a tour and tasting. Click here to find more information!

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