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Cooking with Small Batch Bourbon

Cooking with Small Batch Bourbon

Really, the only thing we like better than bourbon is good food – and when we can combine the two – well, that’s something special. Bourbon is popping up all over the scene – in more and more recipes. Aged, small batch bourbon can replace brandy in almost all recipes.

Bourbon And Cider Braised Bacon

Let’s start simple – The Domestic Man’s recipe had our mouth’s watering from the word “go.” This thick cut bacon would be the perfect breakfast meat, go great with chili or in any kind of hash. Add some J. Henry & Sons Small Batch Bourbon and it’s a breakfast miracle.

Crockpot Bacon Bourbon Baked Beans

Hard to say, easy to eat. Continuing with the bacon theme, we’ve got an epic twist on the tradition bacon baked beans. The recipe is here, and you can thank us later.

Bourbon Cured Salmon

On the lighter side, here’s a treat for seafood lovers. Bourbon Cured Salmon from Macheesmo makes a great appetizer or party snack. Don’t take our word for it – next time you’re picking up a bottle of J. Henry & Sons Small Batch Bourbon, swing by the deli and pick up some fresh salmon.

Smoked Honey Bourbon Chicken Wings

Extraordinary BBQ’s recipe is among the most delectable, savory, sweet BBQ’s we’ve ever seen. There is an ancient and inherent relationship between BBQ and Bourbon. This recipe unites them as they were meant to be.

Bourbon Fried Chicken

We’ve never had bourbon-fried chicken, but it’s obviously a winner. This Food Network Recipe is happening this weekend! We’ll let you know just how awesome this meal was.

Bourbon Pecan Cake

Bourbon is a perfect compliment to something sweet and this recipe is like liquid gold. Bourbon Pecan Cake – It’s an automatic winner.

Bourbon Praline Cake
A serious competitor among desserts for table space is this recipe for praline cake. Can we have a slice of each one? We’re not really asking.

Bourbon Sweet Potato Bisque with Brown Butter Cinnamon Sugar Croutons
Another recipe from HowSweetEats.com, this seems like something made for Madison. Move over sweet potato fries!

Bourbon Bread Pudding

A new Thanksgiving classic, this Bourbon Bread Pudding is now a permanent addition to the Henry Family Farms holiday menu.


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