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Patton Road Reserve – The Ultimate Gift

Patton Road Reserve  Wisconsin Small Batch Bourbon

Patton Road Reserve Wisconsin Small Batch Bourbon

Gift giving can be stressful – especially when you’re planning gifts for your distinguished friends and family – the connoisseurs and those with refined or particular tastes. There comes a point in everyone’s life when they have of most of what they want. Gift giving becomes a challenging mystery – a strange and stressful guessing game that saps the fun from the whole experience.

Then, there are the crowds – the rushed panic and disorder – will you find the right gift? Stores fill up and then a new type of challenge begins: man (or woman) vs. man (or woman). The world seems filled with products until you are hunting for the perfect gift.

Time becomes an enemy – shipping dates, wrapping, the proper card. This holiday season, bypass all the mess and chaos. The choice of gift for your hard-to-buy-for friends is clear.

Acknowledge their refined tastes and genteel nature with an exclusive bourbon gift from J. Henry & Sons.

Patton Road Reserve
Our limited, cask strength bourbon Patton Road Reserve appeals to bourbon and whiskey lovers of all stripes – the unadulterated flavor of Patton Road Reserve is truly an exquisite experience. More than just its rarity, cask strength bourbon is not proofed down, like regular bourbon. This preserves the intricate balance of flavors – easily distinguishable sweet corn, caramel pudding, toffee, creamy vanilla, dark cocoa, cinnamon, coconut shavings and Jamaican allspice.

Our Patton Road Reserve is special for many reasons – not the least of which is its rarity. This limited bottling is only available through select venues. There is nothing like the look on a connoisseur’s face when presented with a new flavor. Their eyes light up, a smile creeps across their face, then as recognition sets in the smile grows, unhindered. Their eyes glitter and there’s that quick moment where they consider opening the new offering right then and there. Truly, the best gift for those who love bourbon is a new flavor experience.

The J. Henry & Sons Tasting Room
If you haven’t been to the J. Henry & Sons Tasting Room, you’re missing out! Come out to the farm to see where we make our J. Henry & Sons Small Batch Wisconsin Straight Bourbon and our limited Patton Road Reserve. It’s the perfect way to spend a fall weekend. Bring friends and family and #rewardyourself.

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