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Outstanding In The Field Tickets on Sale Tomorrow! March 19 at 11:00am CST

Hello Friends,

Tickets go on sale for the August 8 Outstanding in the Field dinner tomorrow, March 19 at 11:00am CST. Lets be optimistic and get tickets to what will surely be another wonderful evening that we will all look forward to finally getting together and socializing without distance!  J Henry & Sons Tickets Here

We are in strange and unusual times all. Especially true if you enjoy food and beverage since we are most comfortable enjoying our meals and beverages in the company of family and friends. Do enjoy your meals and beverages while you are socially distancing. Do get out of the house and get some fresh air. Get some exercise whether its doing laundry or laps on the stairs. When you sit down and treat yourself be good to yourself, enjoy a delicious J Henry bourbon and be happy for all the things we do have (bourbon) heat, a home and hopefully all your needs are being met and we will all get through this crazy time healthy and happy and bit introspective. Order pick up or carry out if you can and tip generously if you can so the folks who are anxiously awaiting the chance to serve you will get through this as painlessly as possible. Take care, be well and know that we are here if you want to talk or prepare for when we get released. Cheers,

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