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The Secret Ingredient in a Wisconsin Bourbon

If you haven’t already tried a bottle of J. Henry & Sons Wisconsin Straight Bourbon, you might be wondering what separates a “Wisconsin bourbon” from any other bourbon. Although the main ingredients and distilling process are similar, we do have to admit that there is a secret ingredient we use: Wisconsin itself. The fact that […]

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Why Did We Create a Wisconsin Bourbon?

One thing customers and visitors to the Henry Family Farm often ask is: where did we get the idea to launch our own premium Wisconsin bourbon? We’ll be the first to admit, it’s not an entirely conventional choice. At the same time, it’s turned out wonderfully—both for us and for the individuals who have come […]

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What Separates a Great Bourbon From the Rest?

Bourbon lovers know there is a big difference between a decent glass and a great one. But, sometimes those differences are hard to put into words. And, even some of our biggest fans don’t know much about our distilling and aging process. To help shed some light on the things we do that make our […]

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Announcing Patton Road Reserve

J. Henry & Sons Bourbon is proud to announce a new product, the full-flavor, cask strength Patton Road Reserve – for connoisseurs of whiskey, bourbon and distilled spirits. The Patton Road Reserve is the long-awaited premiere spirit from Henry Family Farms. This special edition, limited release product is available only in select locations. What makes […]

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Tour of the J. Henry Farm: Our Process

Our process is just that – what we do, how we do it, and why you love it. Our bourbon is something extraordinary – we believe that and make that ethic a huge part of our work at the Henry Family Farms. Many distillers of spirits have unique and proprietary formulas. The J. Henry and Sons […]

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Perfect Pairings with Bourbon

Perfect Pairings are all the rage in foodie circles, from wine to craft beer lovers and beyond. Bourbon enthusiasts are no exception, but the “perfect” pairing is a little more of a challenge. That said there are a few brave and intrepid folks who have taken up the gauntlet and risen to the challenge. On […]

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The Heritage

Just like our outstanding bourbon, getting our tasting tours just right takes time. Check back soon for more information on our bourbon tasting tours and events. Fill out our contact form and you will be the first to know when tasting tours begin …

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