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Bourbon Blog Review

Once in a while we live to look back at our blogs and share the fan favorites. Below are some of the most liked blogs from the past year. If you missed them, you’re in for a treat. If you’ve seen them before, maybe read them again – you might learn something you missed the […]

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Original Spirit: Kentucky (or Louisiana) to Madison

America’s domestic spirit, Bourbon has a fascinating history. Depending on whom you ask, it has two hometowns. The Murky History Distilled Many important dates in bourbon history are disputed. While bourbon is America’s native spirit, there’s a pride that comes from being the state of origin. That state, almost all experts agree is Kentucky. In […]

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The Heritage

Just like our outstanding bourbon, getting our tasting tours just right takes time. Check back soon for more information on our bourbon tasting tours and events. Fill out our contact form and you will be the first to know when tasting tours begin …

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