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Enjoy Derby Day with Delicious J. Henry & Sons Bourbon!

This Saturday, J. Henry and Sons will be hosting VIP guests on our farm for Derby Day! This once-a-year event is a chance to get out, enjoy the spring weather, and view the fastest two minutes in sports the way it was meant to be—with good friends, great drinks, and a couple of hours to […]

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More Ways to Enjoy J. Henry & Sons Bourbon

Although most whiskey lovers tend to enjoy J. Henry & Sons Straight Bourbon as a standalone beverage, you can mix it with other ingredients to form a unique and pleasant drink. In fact, if you’re not used to having bourbon on its own, or prefer a lower proof cocktail, there are a lot of ways […]

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Using Wisconsin Bourbon to Spice Up Your Cooking

Although we have no way to know for sure, we suspect most bottles of J. Henry & Sons Wisconsin Straight Bourbon end up being sipped after dinner, enjoyed on porches, or shared between friends and loved ones. A glass of our craft whiskey is perfect for unwinding after a long day or celebrating a special […]

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Warm Drinks for a Cold Month

It’s cold out there – so grab some J. Henry to warm up! We’ve got a few winter favorites we’d like to share. Traditional and new, these warmed or heated cocktails are perfect during those cold months. Coffee With Henry (or the Joe & Joe) The creamy caramel undertone of J. Henry & Sons Bourbon […]

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Halloween Drinks – Our Favorites

Summer was beautiful and fun, but fall means pretty colors (we’re sort of partial to gold and red, crimson and amber), and more importantly Halloween parties. Below are a few of our favorite J. Henry and Sons Bourbon cocktail recipes. Nosferatu’s Tears Simple and elegant, this cocktail hearkens back to the classic films of Bella […]

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