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Enjoy Derby Day with Delicious J. Henry & Sons Bourbon!

This Saturday, J. Henry and Sons will be hosting VIP guests on our farm for Derby Day! This once-a-year event is a chance to get out, enjoy the spring weather, and view the fastest two minutes in sports the way it was meant to be—with good friends, great drinks, and a couple of hours to […]

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More Ways to Enjoy J. Henry & Sons Bourbon

Although most whiskey lovers tend to enjoy J. Henry & Sons Straight Bourbon as a standalone beverage, you can mix it with other ingredients to form a unique and pleasant drink. In fact, if you’re not used to having bourbon on its own, or prefer a lower proof cocktail, there are a lot of ways […]

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Using Wisconsin Bourbon to Spice Up Your Cooking

Although we have no way to know for sure, we suspect most bottles of J. Henry & Sons Wisconsin Straight Bourbon end up being sipped after dinner, enjoyed on porches, or shared between friends and loved ones. A glass of our craft whiskey is perfect for unwinding after a long day or celebrating a special […]

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Halloween Drinks – Our Favorites

Summer was beautiful and fun, but fall means pretty colors (we’re sort of partial to gold and red, crimson and amber), and more importantly Halloween parties. Below are a few of our favorite J. Henry and Sons Bourbon cocktail recipes. Nosferatu’s Tears Simple and elegant, this cocktail hearkens back to the classic films of Bella […]

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Announcing Patton Road Reserve

J. Henry & Sons Bourbon is proud to announce a new product, the full-flavor, cask strength Patton Road Reserve – for connoisseurs of whiskey, bourbon and distilled spirits. The Patton Road Reserve is the long-awaited premiere spirit from Henry Family Farms. This special edition, limited release product is available only in select locations. What makes […]

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Cooking with Small Batch Bourbon

Cooking with Small Batch Bourbon Really, the only thing we like better than bourbon is good food – and when we can combine the two – well, that’s something special. Bourbon is popping up all over the scene – in more and more recipes. Aged, small batch bourbon can replace brandy in almost all recipes. […]

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Perfect Pairings with Bourbon

Perfect Pairings are all the rage in foodie circles, from wine to craft beer lovers and beyond. Bourbon enthusiasts are no exception, but the “perfect” pairing is a little more of a challenge. That said there are a few brave and intrepid folks who have taken up the gauntlet and risen to the challenge. On […]

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