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4 Reasons to Visit the J. Henry and Sons Farm for a Bourbon Tasting

Did you know you can visit the tasting room at Henry Farms and try our Wisconsin craft bourbon for yourself? If you’ve been thinking about coming to visit us, but haven’t set a date to make the trip yet, here are four reasons not to put it off any longer… #1 You Can Enjoy the […]

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Making Sense of Your Bourbon Reviews and Ratings

Long before we started producing J. Henry & Sons Wisconsin Straight Bourbon, we were just a couple who loved trying and tasting the best spirits we could find. In looking for new whiskeys to try, one thing we often found confusing, and even frustrating, was that there are literally dozens of different ratings available for […]

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What Some Bourbon Makers Don’t Want You to Know

One of the best things about being someone who loves bourbon is that there are often new and interesting choices to consider. In fact, J. Henry & Sons is a perfect case in point—how many people ever envisioned there would be an award-winning Wisconsin bourbon available for sale? Some of those awards include a Gold […]

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5 Ways to Enjoy a Great Bourbon Even More

A fine bourbon is like any luxury in life – great by itself, but even better when you enjoy it in the right way. While you can undoubtedly enjoy a glass of J. Henry & Sons Wisconsin Straight Bourbon just about anywhere, there are a few steps you can take to savor every sip and […]

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What Separates a Great Bourbon From the Rest?

Bourbon lovers know there is a big difference between a decent glass and a great one. But, sometimes those differences are hard to put into words. And, even some of our biggest fans don’t know much about our distilling and aging process. To help shed some light on the things we do that make our […]

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The Perfect Bourbon Glass for the Perfect Moment

  One of the great things about enjoying bourbon and other distilled spirits in the ritual involved in preparation. The proper way to enjoy good bourbon is in a Glencairn glass. Each spirit has its own distinctive glassware – designed to increase enjoyment. The Martini glass, the Wine glass, the Champagne Flute, the Rocks Glass, […]

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Bourbon Gift Guide – part 2

The Holiday Season is here – and with it, the parties, family gathering and festivities. As a host and a guest, you’ll want to bring the best gift you can to make an impression. Glassware Lovers of fine spirits, like bourbon and whiskey, always need glassware. They know the right way to enjoy their drink […]

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Bourbon: Did You Know file

A spirit like bourbon has a lot history behind it. Originating as it did in the southern states and spreading through some turbulent times, the United States only native spirit has been through quite a few ups, downs and changes. Here are some of the more interesting, if odd, facts about bourbon. There are more […]

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Bourbon Blog Review

Once in a while we live to look back at our blogs and share the fan favorites. Below are some of the most liked blogs from the past year. If you missed them, you’re in for a treat. If you’ve seen them before, maybe read them again – you might learn something you missed the […]

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Straight or On The Rocks?

Neat is the term you use when you order whiskey or bourbon in a glass with nothing else to taint or otherwise alter the flavor. This is a matter of much debate among aficionados – does adding water ruin the flavor of your spirit? Ruin might be a bit of a harsh term – but […]

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