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Bourbon Summer Cocktails


Many people think of winter and fireside sipping when we talk bourbon. We would like to share some delicious and refreshing bourbon cocktails that will keep you cool and happy sipping bourbon. There are several great combinations that can be made warm or cold depending on your mood and environment. One of the most popular summer cocktails in our tasting room and at tasting events is the Farmer’s cocktail. As always, good bourbon is great sipped on a large cube or sphere slowly and pleasurably so enjoy J. Henry Bourbons as you like them. Cheers!

Farmer’s Cocktail
2 oz. J. Henry & Sons Small Batch Bourbon
.5 oz mint simple syrup*
4 oz. lemonade
garnish with a mint sprig
Fill a rocks or collins glass with ice, pour ingredients into a mixing glass and stir then pour over the ice filled glass and garnish with a mint sprig (slap the mint before you place it in the glass to release the oils)
Make a Batch so you can just relax and enjoy pouring refills from a pitcher
1 bottle of J. Henry & Sons Small Batch Bourbon

1 c. mint simple syrup
4 liters of fresh lemonade
1 bunch mint for garnish

make in a large pitcher or bucket, stir and then pour into a pitcher for serving, gently stir before pouring

makes about 15 cocktails – depending on your pours
*Mint Simple Syrup
simple syrup is 1:1 ratio of granulated sugar to water
3 c sugar
3 c water
in a sauce pan heat until sugar dissolved, while still hot on the stove, add a large bunch 5-6 stems of mint leaves (prefer peppermint or spearmint works)
stir the leaves into the sugar solution until they are coated and soaking in the pan for at least 15 – 20 minutes,
strain the leaves out of the syrup and pour into a glass bottle or jar, refrigerate until used.


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