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Why a Bottle of J. Henry & Sons Might be the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

J_Henry_&_Sons_WI_Straight_BourbonFather’s Day is just around the corner. Instead of going with another golfing jacket, cologne or a tie, why not give Dad a unique gift he is sure to love?

If you feel stumped when it comes to choosing something for Dad, we can help. You could say we’re biased, but we think a bottle of award-winning J. Henry & Sons Wisconsin Straight Bourbon might be the perfect Father’s Day gift. Here are just a few of the reasons why…

J. Henry & Sons Can Be Given to a Father, Godfather or Grandfather

It doesn’t really matter how old your loved one is (as long as they are legal), what generation they are from, or the role they have played in your life. Giving a man a great bottle of craft bourbon—whether he happens to be your dad, granddad, stepdad, or something else to you—is a great way to show your love and appreciation.

Craft Bourbon is a Thoughtful Gift

One of the hardest things about gift giving, especially on Father’s Day, is finding something you know the recipient will enjoy while also showing you put some thought into your choice. When you give a bottle of J. Henry & Sons bourbon, it lets Dad know you put thought into giving him something special and unique. We work hard to make our bourbon special, growing all the ingredients, aging slowly over five years and selecting each barrel at its best expression.

Our Bourbon is a Gift That Can Be Shared and Enjoyed

The best gifts are ones that can be enjoyed by the recipient and the giver. Naturally, your father can choose to open and share his bottle of J. Henry & Sons with you and other loved ones. That way, you both get to try a sip of something wonderful, and to enjoy a quiet moment together on a special day.

J. Henry and Sons is a Family-Owned Wisconsin Company

We know how special families are, which is why we work together to give you the best craft bourbon we can produce in every barrel. J. Henry & Sons isn’t just a name. Our family has worked for generations on the Wisconsin farm where we grow the heirloom red corn, wheat and rye used to make our bourbon. Show your dad you have an appreciation for family, and local business, by giving him something that represents both.

Bourbon is a Great Gift for Almost Any Occasion

Don’t be surprised if your father loves our Wisconsin craft bourbon so much that you decide to give it as a gift again in the future (and maybe even pick up an extra bottle for yourself). J. Henry & Sons makes a great gift for almost any occasion, including Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, or any other special event. Don’t stress out about shopping for Father’s Day this year. Visit our retailers page to find the nearest store that carries J. Henry & Sons Wisconsin Straight Bourbon right now!

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