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Announcing Patton Road Reserve

JHenry_Front_CASKSTRENGTH_Label_FRONT_0315-01J. Henry & Sons Bourbon is proud to announce a new product, the full-flavor, cask strength Patton Road Reserve – for connoisseurs of whiskey, bourbon and distilled spirits.

The Patton Road Reserve is the long-awaited premiere spirit from Henry Family Farms. This special edition, limited release product is available only in select locations.

What makes it different?
Patton Road Reserve is cask strength. That means it doesn’t go through the same proofing process. Proofing is the dilution of a spirit until it meets guidelines for alcohol by volume (ABV). The percentage of ABV is a direct measurement of the strength of the spirit. For example, 120-proof is roughly 60% alcohol. That’s strong stuff.

But more importantly, the proofing process dilutes the inherent flavors of the spirit. Cask Strength is ideal for bourbon lovers who truly enjoy the flavor of bourbon. J. Henry & Sons Small Batch Straight Wisconsin Bourbon offers aromas of sweet corn, caramel pudding, toffee, creamy vanilla, dark cocoa, cinnamon, coconut shavings and Jamaican allspice. The cask strength offers that unique mélange of flavors in their purest form.

We age our bourbon in barrels stored in a warehouse that is not temperature controlled. That means they endure the wild, Wisconsin weather swings, sometimes 100 degrees in one year, that squeeze extra flavor out of the charred oak. As the temperature increases and decreases, the charred-oak barrels flex and contract. This creates a natural filtration process. This is where the aging bourbon acquires its smooth, smoky flavors.

Our Patton Road Reserve is a sensuous treat for bourbon drinkers. This most Epicurean of sensations delights the refined palette. The liquid gold almost transcends its fluid state, and becomes something rare and special. Not a drink, but an experience.

Creating a great bourbon requires time and patience and the Henry’s have made that investment without compromise. Our Patton Road Reserve is the pinnacle of our endeavors – prestigious, limited and exclusive.

Interested in a bottle of our limited Patton Road Reserve? Stop by our tasting room – click here to find out how.

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