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4 Reasons to Visit the J. Henry and Sons Farm for a Bourbon Tasting

JHenry_tasting_room_sonsDid you know you can visit the tasting room at Henry Farms and try our Wisconsin craft bourbon for yourself? If you’ve been thinking about coming to visit us, but haven’t set a date to make the trip yet, here are four reasons not to put it off any longer…

#1 You Can Enjoy the Fresh Air and Summer Weather

If the long winter months spent indoors have left you feeling a little bit worn down, then a short drive to a family farm in the countryside might be just what the doctor ordered. It isn’t just a chance to escape downtown and the suburbs—it’s an opportunity to get out, smell the fresh air, and make the most of Wisconsin’s wonderful summer weather.

If you’ve been dreaming of a picnic in the park or drive to the countryside, consider taking things to another level and visit our farm. You won’t find a better way to enjoy a warm summer afternoon.

#2 You Might Learn Something New About Bourbon

Even if you’ve been enjoying whiskeys and bourbons for a long time, there is something special about seeing for yourself exactly where they come from. And, because we are a small family-owned business, you can see things up close and ask all kinds of questions, rather than taking a tour of a large factory or distillery.

You don’t have to be a bourbon expert to enjoy the occasion, either. In fact, many of our guests are just learning about craft bourbons for the first time. We are happy to show them what makes each bottle and barrel special.

#3 You’ll Get a Chance to Taste Something New and Different   

We have had bourbon aficionados come to us from every corner of Wisconsin, and a lot farther, simply because they want to try something unique. The fact that we grow our own red corn, wheat, and rye and age our spirits in new charred oak barrels that expand and contract with the seasons means we make a bourbon that isn’t like any other.

If you’re the kind of person who loves getting a taste of something local, handcrafted, and unique, you’ll love the experience of tasting our craft bourbon right where the ingredients were grown.

You Can Have a Great Time With Family and Friends

Although our J. Henry & Sons Straight Bourbon might bring you to our farm, it’s the smiles you’ll share with family, friends, and other bourbon aficionados that make the occasion special. We want everyone who sees us to have a great time, and our tasting room is perfect for sharing sips, laughs, and new adventures.

Whether you’re coming from Wisconsin or farther away, a drive to Henry Farms might be the weekend getaway you’ve been dreaming of. Why not come visit us and try our award-winning Wisconsin craft bourbon for yourself?

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