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3 Things to Know About Craft Bourbons

The explosive growth of the craft beer industry showed those of us who love spirits of any kind that there is a market for hand-crafted beverages that break from the normal or average. And so, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing craft whiskeys – like our J. Henry & Sons Wisconsin Bourbon – start to take off and gain in popularity. In fact, you may have noticed new varieties popping up in restaurants and liquor stores everywhere.

If you haven’t tried one yourself, or are new to the concept of handmade whiskey altogether, you might be curious to dig a little deeper. And so, here are four things we think you should know about the different craft bourbons you see for sale these days…

#1 Craft Bourbons Bring Variety

Perhaps the best thing about the craft bourbon revolution is that it’s introducing new tastes, ingredients, and recipes into the market. In other words, we are giving bourbon lovers more choices than they had before. Not all of these are going to be new favorites, of course, but a spirit of innovation and experimentation is a great thing because it leads to more variety in the long run.

#2 Craft Bourbons Are Changing the Market

Not only are craft bourbons made differently, they are often marketed directly from small producers to the public and regional distributors…or in our case, local farmers with unique ingredients. That kind of shift means smaller businesses can benefit at every stage in the process, from growers and producers to the local restaurants and retailers who offer our products in their own communities.

#3 There’s More Than One Reason to Buy a Wisconsin Craft Bourbon

Lots of bourbon lovers decide to try a bottle of J. Henry & Sons because of sheer curiosity, or because they want to know how our Wisconsin red corn, which can only be found on our family farm, affects the taste and texture of the drink. But, we find that others support us because they love the fact that we’re based in a local family farm, or because they want to do business with Wisconsin companies.

Although we draw on a long tradition of fine spirits that began in the South, we are proud to say that J. Henry & Sons Bourbon is a drink that’s truly like none other. Visit our beautiful tasting room and try a glass for yourself!

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