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Patton Road Reserve – Gold Medal Bourbon

IMG_3293We’d like to talk about our Patton Road Reserve – our special un-proofed, cask strength small batch Wisconsin straight bourbon.

Made with the same love and care as our 5-Year J. Henry & Sons Bourbon, the Patton Road Reserve has arrived just in time for the holidays.

But don’t take our word for it. In today’s December, 2015 SPIRIT JOURNAL J. Henry & Sons, 92 proof, Five year aged bourbon earned a Four Star, Highly Recommended rating from Paul Pacult stating, “Classy, elegant, focused and toasty” in his review.

Patton Road Reserve, Cask Strength:  

Gold Medal from the American Distilling Institute 

Gold Medal from the New York International Spirits Competition

Here’s a quick link to some details on the Spirit Journal’s process. This is a great honor and we’re very proud of our product. The best part – Patton Road Reserve is available is many of the locations that carry our J. Henry & Sons 5-Year small batch straight Wisconsin Bourbon. Party Port, McFarland Liquors and Village Liquors in Cottage Grove and many more.

If you think of the bourbon lovers in your life, the subtle but profound joy that comes from a new tasting experience, or the return of a new (or old) favorite – you begin to see the allure of bourbon and bourbon culture.

There’s a light in their eyes, a smile, a near-giddiness. In some cases, the astute observer will notice an upwelling of joy that permeates the area coming from the recipients core and radiating outward, culminating in a smile. When that first sip is taken, the smile widens and becomes a fierce grin. This is simple and subtle pleasure of the gold water that burns smooth.

You don’t have to be a connoisseur or fanatic to appreciate the taste of good bourbon. You simply have to give it a try.

The gift of exclusive quality spirits says a lot about the recipient – it indicates a person of refined and elite tastes. It speaks of one who enjoys the epicurean aspects of life earned by hard work and dedication. It says as much about the giver as well. Of the giver it says: attentive to detail and nuance. The giver is one understands the value of exclusivity and the appeal of the unique. It says of the giver “I understand you.”

Patton Road Reserve is available now in limited quantities for the holidays. Click here for some gift options.

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