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Archive: November 2018

Aging Bourbon Well

Aging Bourbon Gracefully Buffalo Trace has added a climate controlled rick house in an effort to slow the aging process and retain some of the bourbon ‘fruit’ flavors without over oaking or you could just age in Wisconsin in an uncontrolled (temperature or humidity) rick house and enjoy the ride.    

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We are Thankful for you

Our family went on a work trip last week and were not able to send all our thanks to all of you our wonderful, adventurous, bourbon lovin customers. We visited family distillers in the Armagnac region of France and learned about mobile stills, Alembic stills, single distillation and blending of grapes and regions to create […]

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Second 7 Year Patton Road Reserve Release

Hey all you J. Henry Fans! We have the second batch of J. Henry & Sons barrels that have aged Seven Long Years in our unheated, non-electrified Wisconsin Farm rick houses and now our delicious seven year bourbon is available to you. Liz’s special barrel 100 is in the tasting room now, come and get […]

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