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Archive: July 2017

Wisconsin Straight Bourbon!

Ever look at our bottle, J. Henry & Sons Wisconsin Straight Bourbon and wonder what, exactly, does Wisconsin Straight Bourbon mean? Let’s break it down. US law, specifically 27 CFR Chapter 1, Sub-Part C, Section 5.22 deals with Standards of Identity in Distilled Spirits. It spells out what constitutes whiskey, Bourbon, and straight whiskey. Those […]

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Join us at the Top Shelf Summer Taste


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Happy Independence Day!

Wishing you a safe, enjoyable holiday as we celebrate America, our independent spirit and independent spirits! Nothing more American than Bourbon. THE American Spirit. Must be “Made In America” of 51% or more corn mashbill, aged in new, charred oak. We have been making and aging Wisconsin Straight Bourbon for over eight years and have […]

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