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Archive: October 2015

Fall Colors, Bourbon Colors

We’re particular to fall at the Henry Family Farms. All the work we do is intrinsically tied to the seasons, and this is the season where we can see all our efforts come to fruition. The colors of Wisconsin’s fall trees warm the heart even as the weather turns chilly. Everyone dresses a little warmer […]

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Bourbon: Did You Know file

A spirit like bourbon has a lot history behind it. Originating as it did in the southern states and spreading through some turbulent times, the United States only native spirit has been through quite a few ups, downs and changes. Here are some of the more interesting, if odd, facts about bourbon. There are more […]

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Halloween Drinks – Our Favorites

Summer was beautiful and fun, but fall means pretty colors (we’re sort of partial to gold and red, crimson and amber), and more importantly Halloween parties. Below are a few of our favorite J. Henry and Sons Bourbon cocktail recipes. Nosferatu’s Tears Simple and elegant, this cocktail hearkens back to the classic films of Bella […]

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Announcing Patton Road Reserve

J. Henry & Sons Bourbon is proud to announce a new product, the full-flavor, cask strength Patton Road Reserve – for connoisseurs of whiskey, bourbon and distilled spirits. The Patton Road Reserve is the long-awaited premiere spirit from Henry Family Farms. This special edition, limited release product is available only in select locations. What makes […]

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