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Archive: September 2015

Bourbon Blog Review

Once in a while we live to look back at our blogs and share the fan favorites. Below are some of the most liked blogs from the past year. If you missed them, you’re in for a treat. If you’ve seen them before, maybe read them again – you might learn something you missed the […]

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Bardstown, Bourbon Fest

There are few things that bring fans from around the world like a good festival – and the Bardstown Bourbon Fest is no exception. This fest started in 1992, has grown from a dinner and tasting to a five day event. Each year bourbon fans and connoisseurs from around the world make the trek to […]

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Bourbon Strange Days

It’s a strange few weeks for distilled spirits. Here’s a quick recap of the best and worst events: The Bourbonado 800,000 gallons of bourbon spilled into a nearby water source after a lightning strike. The resulting fire was spectacular. The end result was a whirlwind of flaming bourbon. Check out the video below: We hate […]

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Cooking with Small Batch Bourbon

Cooking with Small Batch Bourbon Really, the only thing we like better than bourbon is good food – and when we can combine the two – well, that’s something special. Bourbon is popping up all over the scene – in more and more recipes. Aged, small batch bourbon can replace brandy in almost all recipes. […]

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Bourbon Cool

Bourbon is in, but it’s always been cool. Here’s a list of some of our favorite celebrities who love good bourbon whiskey. Winston Churchill Ostensibly responsible for saving the world during WWII, Sir Winston Churchill was a well know lover of whiskey and water. Johnny Depp Scotch, whiskey and bourbon, Mr. Depp has cited clearly […]

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