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Archive: August 2015

Bourbon Gifts

Bourbon Gifts – here’s our first pick for bourbon gifting favorites this holiday season. It may seem like we’re jumping the gun a bit, but planning ahead can make your holiday much easier. We’ve taken the liberty of assembling the first list of gift ideas for the bourbon lover in your life. Teroforma Whiskey Stones […]

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Straight or On The Rocks?

Neat is the term you use when you order whiskey or bourbon in a glass with nothing else to taint or otherwise alter the flavor. This is a matter of much debate among aficionados – does adding water ruin the flavor of your spirit? Ruin might be a bit of a harsh term – but […]

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Bourbon: The User’s Manual

The finer points of bourbon – taste, aroma, pour, glassware. The complete bourbon experience includes everything from the taste and flavor sensations to the glassware and serving temperature. This is our handy introductory guide to the awesome world of bourbon whiskey. Enjoy! Glassware There are a thousand variations of glasses made for every sense of […]

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