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Archive: June 2015

J. Henry & Sons Bourbon Steals the Show

On July 18th at the Malt House located in Madison, Wisconsin, J. Henry & Sons Bourbon was pitted against five competitors for a whiskey tasting. The results were awesome – as expected. Jumping into the ring with J. Henry Bourbon were some serious contenders. A rye, three single malts and single malt all the way […]

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Wisconsin’s Bourbon Heritage

Rooted in the soil of Dane County, the Henry Farms have been a proud member of Dane, Columbia, Adams and Sauk counties and the Madison area community for generations. Since 1939, Henry Farms have been producers of seed corn. Developed at UW-Madison in 1939, the heirloom Red Corn grown at Henry Farms is the essential […]

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Judged by Their Drink: Bourbon

James Bond has his signature martini, Napoleon drank Courvoisier, and Winston Churchill, well, he just drank. But what you drink says a lot about you – and more and more people in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s are experiencing bourbon for the first time – and loving every drop! Who drinks bourbon? Distilled spirits, like […]

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What Is Bourbon?

Welcome to the J. Henry & Sons blog – the Bourbon Journal. You probably guessed, we’re pretty serious about our spirits – and to make sure we’re all on the same page when talking about bourbon, we’ve prepared this little guide. If you don’t remember it all, don’t worry, you can book mark this page […]

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