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Make Your Own Bourbon Dinner!

One of the wonderful things about whiskey is how versatile it can be. We’re not talking about using whiskey to create new things, although that in and upon itself is fun, too, rather, just everything you can do with it.

Each whiskey type is different. We’re partial to Bourbon as you can imagine, the variety that exists from brand to brand can be tremendous.

A special part of enjoying a meal is the ability to pair your food with drink. We’re sure you’re familiar with the idea of finding a good wine that will complement a great dish. Did you know that you can do the same thing with Bourbon?

Pairing food and Bourbon is not just about finding a pair that complements each other, at times you want two to compete with each other. The first challenge, however, is figuring out the purpose of the pairing. What’s special? Is there something you are trying to showcase? Are you going to pick an incredible Bourbon, like one of our J. Henry & Sons Bourbons, and find a food that really brings out of the flavors, or are you cooking a special dish in particular and you’re trying to find a perfect match?

While there is a lot of healthy experimentation that can engage in, and we encourage that experimentation, there are also rules of thumb that can help shorten the route.

  • Sweeter whiskeys, such as our Small Batch Henry & Sons Wisconsin Straight Bourbon, tend to compliment savory foods, as well as dishes with lighter spice notes.
  • When putting together a BBQ, consider either a smoky or a higher-proof Bourbon, such as our cask-strength Patton Road Reserve. The two will play off each other to really enhance your culinary experience.
  • A spicy Bourbon, such as our Cognac-finished Bellefontaine Reserve will often bring out the best of fattier foods. That spiciness also tends to work well with sweeter desserts.

In the end, the goal is to #RewardYourself. As always, we encourage you to #DrinkBetterNotMore, just remember to find ways to eat that way, too. Cheers!

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